Privacy Statement

AMISET respects the privacy of all users and guarantees that all personal information will be kept confidential. Your information is used only to process orders and send relevant information.
Details are shared with third parties only to process payments and arrange shipping.
AMISET uses personal information to provide the following services:
* When you place an order, we need your name, address, payment details, telephone number and email address to process your order and keep you informed about logistics.
* With your permission we use your details to inform you about developments to the website, changes to the product assortment and new promotions.
* Details about the use of the website and feedback from our users is only for development of the website(s).
AMISET will never sell your data to third parties. Our team and the employees of partner companies keep all data strictly confidential.
Your personal information is safe with AMISET.

We appreciate the trust you place in us by giving us your personal information. You always have the right to see, adjust or delete any data you have every provided to us.
When you place an order the data is secured with Secure Socket Layer technology.
AMISET holds customer data from various limited companies and websites on multiple servers to enable our service to function well. The servers are not always owned by our business but the data always remains confidential and safe.