Amiset guarantees the quality of the products and fabrics that we offer here. Our criterion is that we can without any doubt advise our own family, friends and partners.

Our team has generic orthomolecular products made by certified manufacturers. We always choose the purest option, effective dosages and affordable prices. No doubt.

In addition, we purchase specific products from wholesalers who are also used by therapists. There you get the best orthomolecular products. No worries.

We can not formally give any guarantee about the impact of our products. This is only permitted for registered medicines by Dutch legislation.

We do know that the right combination of healthy food, effective training and supplements with a healthy person can lead to a good result.

Broken on receipt

If you receive an item that is broken, we ask you to contact us as soon as possible, it lies within 1 week after discovery of the defect (legally you have 2 months) with our customer service stating

of the order number and the name / article number of the relevant article. We will process your complaint and if necessary send a replacement product.

Warranty by manufacturer

Amiset guarantees the soundness and usability of the products.

If something goes wrong or the product does not meet expectations, please contact us. In addition, factory guarantees apply to many products.

These guarantees do not limit the statutory conformity and guarantee rules. If you want to claim this, please contact us.

Legal guarantee

Legal guarantee means that a product is or must do what the consumer can expect in all reasonableness.

Improper use

If the defect is faulty or water damage, the item has been used improperly or the defect was within the expected pattern during normal use of the item, you can not claim free repair or replacement.